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Crediting ProTV

We request that each world gives proper credit for using this asset.

The default placeholder image that comes built into the prefabs counts as credit in the world.

If you wish to use your own placeholder images (or simply wish to provide additional crediting), you may place the crediting in descriptive text in a prominent place (commonly near spawn). The text should specify the product name ProTV and the corresponding brand name ArchiTechVR.

In leu of, or addition to, text, you may display the ProTV Branding Poster in your world for advertisement:
Packages/ArchiTech.ProTV/Resources/Images/ProTV_Poster.png. It is a portrait image of 1:2 ratio.
Alternatively there is a parallax variant as well: Packages/ArchiTech.ProTV/Samples/Prefabs/ProTVParallaxPoster.png
Additionally we also have a 3D model of the ProTV Branding that you can use as well: Packages/ArchiTech.ProTV/Samples/Prefabs/Models/ProTVLogo3D.prefab.

Any one of the above options are considered proper crediting of the asset. You may use multiple if you wish.

For historical purposes, you might see the brand name as ArchiTechAnon. This is deprecated and should not be used in new or updated worlds.