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  • Video Player
    This is a generic term typically used to reference any sort of utility or asset that enables media playback in a VRChat world.
    It is colloquially used in very broad strokes by various other Video Player assets in VRChat.
    Thus ProTV considers this term DEPRECATED and tries to avoid this term as to avoid undue confusion on the part of the end user.

  • TV
    A general term used to reference either the asset, a specific instance of the TVManager or the visual rendering of the asset in the scene, depending on the context.

  • TV Instance
    Refers to either a TVManager reference in the scene, or a prefab copy that is in the scene, usually the former.

  • Video Manager
    Generally refers to one of the possible multiple VPManager components that are a child of the respective TVManager.
    There is usually multiple and should be contextualized by also referencing the game object name as well.

  • Video Engine
    This is the term ProTV uses to describe the actual systems that do the media playback.
    There are currently two video engines in use by VRChat: UnityVideo and AVProVideo

  • Plugin
    Generic term referencing any script which is designed to connect with a TV Instance as a listener in order to receive and react to the events that are produced.
    The events involved are related to anything notable that the TV does.

  • Auth Plugin
    Less generic term referring to any script which is designed to provide authorization consent through the API structure ProTV provides.
    These do not have events, but an API implementation requirement. It is considered a Plugin because they are technically optional.

  • Controls/Media Controls
    This is a plugin which is a mostly comprehensive control interface for managing the state of the TV.
    It involves general playback state controls, actions related to both audio and video, general authentication control and various informational outputs. Also contains basic url input for users, which can be directed at either the connected TV Instance or a Queue. There are some separate miscellaneous scripts tangentially related to Media Controls as well, like VideoSettings and PlayUrl.

  • Playlist
    This is the name of the plugin which allows creators to build known lists of URLs ahead of time.
    This list semi-immutable, where it cannot shrink or grow (the canonical list of URLs don't change in-game), but it CAN be reordered via a sorting mechanism. Users can select some given index of the playlist to send to the connected TV or Queue.

  • Queue
    This is the name of the plugin which handles a dynamic list of URLs entered by the users.
    The plugin does not have it's own input field, and instead relies on either the Media Controls plugin, Playlist plugin or some other script to call its API.